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Learn How To Release Club And Hit With Power
by Barry Goldstein

Read About Barry

Many golfers play their entire lives without ever really feeling the pleasure of a solid strike of the golf ball. They fight a poor strike, or a glancing blow of the golf ball through impact. A weak slice, with limited distance is usually the result.

The culprit of the power robbing shot is an open clubface. That is, the heel end of the clubface is leading the way into the ball at impact.

To fix the weak and powerless shot, the player needs to understand how important it is to release the golf club, and the entire body at and through impact.

The goal is to get the toe end of the clubface to actually feel as though it "wraps around" the golf ball. This will lead to powerful draws, rather than the glancing blow of a slicer.

To feel a true release of the club the golfer must understand how the body and the arms work together to fire the clubface through the golf ball for powerful hits.

First it is crucial to realize a release of the club does not simply mean rolling the right arm over the left through impact. Though this is important and does occur in a well released shot, it is not simply the arms that release the golf club. The legs, and body also play a major role in powerful shots. For right handed players, the entire right side should be firing through the ball to your finish. Any attempt to hang back, or keeping the weight on the rear foot will destroy a proper release. The weight must shift to the front side, and the right arm will roll over the left in a properly struck shot.

Next time you hit the range try these two drills to feel a good release:

Take your normal set up, and then simply split your hands apart on the grip about 4 inches or so. Then, without hitting a ball, make 5 or 6 full swings. You will definitely feel the role of the arms as the right arm will be forced to roll over the left. This will make you feel the toe end of the clubface "wrapping around" the ball. Now, with your normal grip, make some swings with the goal being to feel the same sensation.

Then try this second drill. Put another golf ball about 6 inches out in front of the ball you will be hitting right on your intended target line. As you hit the first ball, actually feel as though the toe of the golf club is chasing out after the second ball, and you will strike that second ball with the toe end of the clubface. Use your arms, legs, your entire body to hit with.

Remember, it's not just the arms that release the club. It is your whole right side that does the releasing.

Learn to fire the whole body, and at the same time let the arms play their role. That is a true release, and will certainly lead to more powerful golf shots.

Good luck with the drills, and you will see the glancing blow that you were slicing, soon can turn into powerful draws.

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