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Golf Talk Messages
David G.
03:11 PM
  ID: 301
Always looking for 10 more yards. Well folks here is the story. While looking on ebay I came across a Pentium x 470 cc 10 degree drive head and a old shaft I had 9 years ago (Accuflex world champ 384 RED SHAFT) as golfers thinks I bet I can kill that thing lol. Ok about me, 61 years old and from 6000 yards I\'m about 4hc. at my home club.I was playing a Taylormade burner draw drive with the that blow by you shaft I think at one time it retailed for about 180 dollars just the shaft, and I was happy. Next I want to said I have a GPS so I no how far every shots goes. With my TM Draw I could hit a great drive about 215 to 220 that\'s all I can do.My friend would say man that\'s 275 you just hit but no0000 it was 225.. (gps does not lie) Now the rest of the story,, I got my new driver and when to the course. Well boys first drive (GPS) 239 and it got better after one month my driving distance is up over 30 yards. One wind shot was 292 hell I was on cloud 9 hahah.These guys at ProSeriesGolf (Tom) is who I talk to all the time no whats going on in golf... service 10 star ,components 10 star. One more quick thing, I order my driver at ten am Christmas eve and he got it in the mail that day ,,, Hard to believe someone would work that hard for you business.. Thanks Guys
Patrick Lee
04:55 PM
  ID: 298
I purchased a SOOO Long 460cc driver with MCS Blue Crush stiff shaft a few months ago. I already had a driver which is a Taylor Made clone square head but I wanted to try something new. When I first got the SOOO Long, I was disappointed because I was hitting alot of left to right shots, but for that matter I was hitting some shots like that with my old driver too. Well, I knew there had to be something wrong with my swing, but my swing felt just fine. Well lo and behold it was something really simple...It was my grip, it was simply too weak!! I turned over my left hand so I could see 2 to 2 1/2 knuckles. I turned the right hand a bit under to match-up the V\'s and had a nice strong grip now. When I put the club down it looked like it was aiming a bit left but I hit about 20 shots this way and I started absolutely CRUSHING the ball easily out 280 or better and straight as an arrow!! Moral of the story is that most of the time it is something simple that will solve your problem!!!
06:55 PM
  ID: 296
I\'m quite pleased with the Heater Plus irons and hybrid combo I received. It only took 8 business days to get them and they really look great with the graphite shafts. I\'ll be trying out the shorter clubs Monday in the indoor driving range(It\'s kind of nasty in Minnesota right now) . If they play as nice as they look, I\'ll probably be ordering new fairway woods this summer.
03:36 AM
  ID: 294
Hi guys, Just had to tell you how much my wife likes the 14* BiFace on a pink IDrive I built her. She only got to try it once here in Ohio after I gave it to her. It was a cold day and her first swings with it without much success. She wasn\'t sold on it. Well, we went down to Myrtle Beach last week for a golf and beach vacation. It was nice warm weather and she was killing the ball. Killing the ball for her is 150 to 200 yards. She loves it and can\'t wait for next spring here in Ohio. Dan
Jess C.
01:36 PM
  ID: 293
WOW is all I can say about the MCS High Octane 65 shaft. It may well be the best $ 25.00 I have ever spent. I play a Macgregor Mac Tech NVG 460 11.5 degree and a Tour Edge Exotics XLD in 10.5. I put the shaft in the Mac and boy di it go./ I was hiting balls on the range with a carry of 300+. We have a Par 4 378 I was 5 yards from the front edge. I hit the ball long but that longer than I have hit a ball in 10 years. i\'ll be 60 in May. Still a big fellow at 6\'4\" 220 and strong but, the shaft is the answer. I order another X flex for my Tour Edge> Great shaft. Jess
02:09 AM
  ID: 292
Thank you. The new clubs arrived on Thursday 6/2 and I have already tried them out. They exceeded my expectations and I am a very satisfied customer.
08:42 AM
  ID: 291
got the heater plus fairway woods with comparable shafts. Finally took them to the range and love the way they feel and Wow, the ball flight is outstanding. Cannot wait to get them on the actual course
05:43 PM
  ID: 289
Great job on the clubs, just what I ordered. I hit them this weekend and absolutely love them. Keep up the good work! Thanks again and I will recommend you to my friends and family.
James Bryant
04:24 PM
  ID: 288
I received my PG5 irons and am very pleased with the performance. I will definitely be returning for adiitional items and have let others know of your website. The only disapointment was I requested mid-size grips and they came with regular size grips.
Pete C.
12:20 PM
  ID: 287
I received my R9 driver in a timely fashion, but unfortunately I had an issue with the shaft. ProSeries was quick to take back the club and send me out a new one ... no questions asked!! The club is solid and well worth what I paid. I would highly reccomend doing business with this company. Thanks for all your help Proseries Golf!!!
Harry C.
03:53 PM
  ID: 286
Heads arrived and they look great. I\'m certain that I\'ll be a returning customer. Thanks Harry C.
01:03 AM
  ID: 282
You were right on the money as I received them today. They look and feel awesome. Thank you,,, Robert...... P.S. see you next time I need clubs!
Ed G.
11:03 AM
  ID: 281
Thank you so very much for your assistance. I sincerely appreciate it. ed Ed, you can track your order using the following tracking information: USPS Priority Delivery Confirmation #0103 8555 The P5G Offet #5 was customized to your requested specs, I Drive Tour Midnight Blue Regular Flex, Ping 703 Black/Orange Oversize Grip You can use code XXXX10ProSeries at checkout to save 10% off of your next order - for any purchase. Thank you ProSeriesGolf
08:02 AM
  ID: 280
Recieved the clubs today PERFECT I will pass your websight along to my friends. Thanks so much Wes
Patrick B. Lee
07:01 PM
  ID: 279
Ok here\'s the deal on the V-Series blades with \"Blue Crush\" shafts....WOW!! I am age 54 and have been to the range twice now with these clubs. Once I got a good tempo going I was able to manipulate the ball very nicely--nice draw or fade. Under normal conditions I hit the 3 iron 200+ accurately. I\'m not saying I hit every single shot excellent but no one does that. I love the nice high launch angle with these clubs. When you hit a crisp shot you know it immediately because the ball just explodes off the club!! I have some woods built by another company a few months ago but I will be eyeing some new ones from Pro-Series Golf in the near future!! Thanks for the outstanding clubs!!
Patrick B. Lee
06:50 PM
  ID: 278
Thank-you very much. I received my new clubs today...they are a thing of beauty. They look and feel every bit as nice as the high priced tour blades. I\'ll be headin\' to the driving range tomarrow!!! Sincerely, Patrick B. Lee
Dan Westernen
08:01 AM
  ID: 276
X5 Extreme Red Irons, best custom set I\'ve played with in 10 years......thanks ProSeries for the great fit!!!!!
John S.
10:06 PM
  ID: 274
Charlie B.
04:52 PM
  ID: 271
Received the grips today, just what I was looking for. Great price. Already ordered more for a friend. Hope to be ordering more soon.
Michael Miller
06:37 PM
  ID: 270
Recently bought a Heater II driver. Fantastic club LOVE IT Thanks a ton for using it instead of the older model, in my order. Michael Miller
Ted Gentile
02:56 PM
  ID: 269
I\'m very impressed with the MCS 65 Hi Octane shaft. It truly is everything you\'ve said. Not only does it give good feedback, but it loads well and is very consistent. My driver swing speed is about 110 mph and the stiff model is perfect. Thanks for the great product.
04:21 PM
  ID: 268
Thank you today we received grips and fairways Sorry I was so rude, we do love your stuff. cj
11:17 AM
  ID: 267
Hello there, The club heads arrived today. Thank you. I look forward to hooking them up to my True Temper Sensicore shafts. In the meantime I\'m anxiously awaiting the SW on back order. Thanks again, KN
Jim Dauphine
09:21 AM
  ID: 266
I\'m just flabbergasted after receiving the Tech Power ZX-10 iron heads I ordered. I can\'t believe that heads that nice can be purchased so cheaply!!I couldn\'t be happier about it. I think that the picture of this head on your website doesn\'t do it justice, though. Thanks for everything.
Ross S.
09:51 PM
  ID: 263
Thanks guys, it took a little longer than i expected, but the day after getting it i hit it for 18 and was amazed. Definitely the best, if not, one of the best drivers, no wait, one of the best clubs I\\\'ve ever hit. Looking forward to buying more in the future and I will refer you to my friends.
Ron P.
12:06 AM
  ID: 262
Got my order today, thank you. Can\'t wait to get them build, next week-sigh. Was very pleasantly the the club-heads were heavier than I anticipated, me for one loves that. Thanks for everything Ron P.
03:26 PM
  ID: 259
I put together the IDrive Driver 3,5,and7 with the Idrive 4.5 shafts and am very satisfied with them hit the driver better than my cobra driver Now am waiting for the pw and sw that I orderd know they will be just as good thank you for your good sevice
Ted G
12:17 AM
  ID: 258
Hi guys. The new clubs are great. They hit soft like butter! Did the sand wedge ever come in? I could definitely use it. Thanks, Ted Geier
Twanda M.
11:53 AM
  ID: 257
Hi Pro Series Golf Just a quick note - I received my new clubs on Saturday and played with them this weekend. They are fabulous!!!! Thanks again for doing such great work, with quick turnaround and affordable prices. . . THANKS!!!
Michael G.
02:09 PM
  ID: 256
Hello, I am recived the T7 LCG irons and i am very happy. I build the Clubs with the TT 95 Shaft from SK Fiber and this is a wonderfull Comby.Now i am will complete the Set.
T. Geier
02:53 AM
  ID: 255
Got the DVF Forged Irons today. AWESOME! The Lob wedge is my favorite club. This one is great!
Scott F.
09:41 PM
  ID: 254
Hello, Just recieved the fairway wood, looks better than i thought. I can\'t wait to use it. Thank you very much, Sincerely,Scott
John D.
08:03 AM
  ID: 253
DB - Hey finally found your site! Is the stabilizer bar as good on the Integra irons as advertised. Sounds like a novel idea...Theresa is looking to get more loft if she decides on a traditional iron set. And is there a particular hybrid set that has proven easier to hit out of rough? peace John
01:08 PM
  ID: 252
Hi there Guys. Just received my latest order from you. 6 days delivery Auburn Hills to Gananoque Ontario. Now that is service with a capital S. As usual it was a pleasure dealing with you. Products perfect quality and prices excellent. Thank you and keep up the good work. A very satisfied customer. I\'ll be back.
jane lawson
11:21 AM
  ID: 251
hi there and i just must say you have the greatest site for us golf fanatics. i use the golf tips from top 100 golf teacher barry goldstein all the time, and they are so helpful. i am a new player and as a female, it is tough to find lessons i relate to. i saw barry goldstein teach golf on the golf channel and think he is adorable, so finding his golf lessons here really made my day. i will order some equiptment from you when i need, and just want to say...thanks for the golf tips! jane in texas
Rays golf
05:05 PM
  ID: 250
ProSeries, just received my driver and three wood. only had time to hit a few balls with both clubs. the clubs are the best i either made or try. the ball does shoot off the clubface. i will be placing a oreder for the five wood.again thank you all.keep up the great work. r.s. rays golf club&repair shop castleton, ny 12033
Todd K.
08:50 AM
  ID: 249
Just re-shafted my driver with your HiOctane Proto. Shaft feels and plays like my other driver with an Aldila \"by You\" Proto. Finally, a super shaft at a great price too! thanks! ProSeriesGolf
M. Goldberg
08:32 AM
  ID: 248
I just would like to say thanks for the great customer service I\'ve gotten with regards to my account. The new Hybrid club was shipped along with a putter and it\'s much better than the one I didn\'t want. Thanks again and you can be sure I\'ll be back to purchase more golf stuff. Sincerely, M. Goldberg, Pine Bush, NY
07:21 PM
  ID: 242
8/11/07, HI, received order today, excellent quality product. The INTEGRA Quadratic heads look fantastic, Also the Idrive shafts look fantastic too. THANKS for FAST Service & FAST Delivery.
James, L\'Ville KY
03:58 PM
  ID: 241
Just tried your new HiOctane with a 10.5 Quadratic Am hitting the ball longe and strait at least 15 additional yards. Thanks Prosries and your new HiOctane
Brian, Redondo Bch., CA
03:28 PM
  ID: 240
I got the I Drive Square Component Head & Proforce V2 Hybrid .335 Shaft today! Thanks for the great service!
08:16 AM
  ID: 231
grate site
Phillip B.
12:46 PM
  ID: 225
Hi,from Australia,,,The Golf Shafts and Sooolong Heads arrived today,,the 28th June,,,THANK YOU for your help ,and keeping me informed ,and shipping them to me fast,,its great to Deal with nice people,,,thanks again,,,regards, Phillip B.
10:03 PM
  ID: 224
Nancy L.
09:02 PM
  ID: 223
Hi- I have LOVED my IDrive 14 degree driver- I would like to order your IDrive fairway wood- I think the #5 21 degree would be perfect. I would need a graphite shaft with either a Men\'s Senior or Ladies flex. Thanks for getting back to me with a price. Nancy L.
09:18 PM
  ID: 214
I buy from here weekly and have had 0 problems
12:00 PM
  ID: 208
Bill Neal, The I-Drive you purchaed for $39 was a component head. The I-Drive for $80 is for a complete finished driver.
Bill Neal
12:03 PM
  ID: 205
On 4/23 I received an order invoice #13156. The driver head (I drive) #2327 was $39.00 I see you now have it listed for $80.00---What happened?
M Bruce
12:58 PM
  ID: 183
the quadratic #3 wood is the best fairway i\'ve ever hit, i bought some purple ice shafts and i am hitting it 240-250, excellent
Woody Peres
01:52 PM
  ID: 182
thank you thank you thank you, took the sooolong quadratic to the range at the club, it is wonderful, i am thrilled, i really appreciate it, i\'m sure some of my old cronies will be calling you, boy it goes straight and the service was outstanding
04:30 PM
  ID: 181
aloha,just to let you know that the sv3 came in today,i tried it out already,7 out of 7 balls went straight and long,i like the sound of the club,thanks,maheleg
Robert Ward
01:24 PM
  ID: 180
I hit the Quadratic better than any other club and straighter than any club I ever have in my life.
P. Mueller
02:29 PM
  ID: 179
I bought your radiance 3 wood with the 100% low torque high modulus graphite shaft (Idrive tour 4.5) and I took this out yesterday and just killed it. Can you do this driver with the same set up? Is this a reg or stiff flex shaft? Hey I have to tell you I have never hit a 3 wood like this club. Outstanding
03:21 PM
  ID: 178
Thanks for the SV2 Plus. I played with it last weekend and literally hit my longest drives ever. Either it is face that\'s hot or the confidence the geometry inspires to rip. But regardless, I\'m very impressed.
Chad W.
10:19 AM
  ID: 177
I purchased the integra square head component to see if the hype was accurate regarding MOI. I found that the shot dispersion was greatly reduced and though a slice or hook is not in my bag it was difficult at best to try and hit a hook or slice on purpose. The shot ended up a nice fade or a slight draw. It is a 9.5* and I shafted it to 46\\\" but may take that down to 45 1/4. Nice head. I also really like the Radiance component head as well. It is a slight step up from the P5G which has been a great head also. Great service and support from your staff. Best Regards.
12:40 AM
  ID: 176
Hello, I am interested in a number of your products, namely the integra so long II bi-face and the super solong bi face. When ordering components, can the head be handpicked for loft and face angle (face angle being the most important as square or slightly open is a must)? Also: I am interested in the MCS shafts, are the e=mc2 (green) and the blue crush the same shaft w/ different cosmetics? If they are not the same, essentially what are the differences? Lastly, who manufactures these shafts? Thanks for your time.
07:43 AM
  ID: 173
Charlie N
01:02 PM
  ID: 172
Have always enjoyed the products and service from Proseriesgolf. Keep up the good work. The Rifle flighted Mid-Hi graphite shaft broke that I was using with my new Geek Fail Safe head. What a sweet combo - consistently in the 280-285 range. Now want to try the Bi-matrix. Thanks.
07:43 PM
  ID: 171
Great service and the product is to perfect spec!
Robert LaRiviere
10:46 PM
  ID: 169
Hi, Taught i'd let you know how I appreciate my Fairway T7 II, no 3 club, with MCS Blue crush shaft, Being senior with slower swing speed 70-75 mph, with 3 years experience only... My friends envy this club and the improvement I am getting, Thanks, I am looking for Driver SooLong dual face in the near future maybe with Accuflex A senior flex... It has been always a pleasure to buy from ProSeries Golf. Great service and super prices.
John R.
02:56 PM
  ID: 167
Great Product!!!!!!!!!!!! Purchased KP CS Offset 9.5 Thanks very much, wish everyone was as easy to deal with as you folks are.
02:56 PM
  ID: 166
Francis S.
08:33 PM
  ID: 164
Since I've missed out a lot from not finding this website sooner, I am overflowing with more positive comments. Besides the "tips", I love the prices and the quick responses from customer services...keep up the good work. There will probably be more "good news" after I receive my order.
Francis D. Segundo, Jr.
08:18 PM
  ID: 163
This is my first on "golf talk". Thank you for the "tips" which are available on your home page. It is so easy to lose sight of what you should be doing in a golf swing. It take such "tips" to steer you back to what was causing great shots in the past. Thank you, Francis
Cindy Miller
03:21 PM
  ID: 162
Dear Sirs: I must thank you for the improvement in my golf scores. I have been able to score under 100 four rounds in a row! Golf Pro Barry Goldstein's golf lessons on your website have helped me immensely. I have read them each time before I go out to play. Thanks so much again. Barry Goldstein golf tips are effective and worked wonders for this gal!
Larry W
03:15 PM
  ID: 159
Word of praise: I started using your products at the course where I am a member some time ago. Over time, friends have tried my clubs and asked me to order them some. I have given out your web address to many people in the central Indiana area. These Attack T7 clubs are the easiest hitting fairway woods we have ever tried. I also use your Sooolong Driver and have purchased several for myself and my golfing buddies. I love your products, keep up the good work. Larry
Bob E
07:16 PM
  ID: 155
P.S. Your SV 2 460 with the MCS Blue Crush shaft is the longest, straightest driver I've ever hit. Thanks.
James M
01:23 AM
  ID: 154
Guys, I just went to the driving range and was very happy with this new T7 425 #3 wood you sold me. It hits very easy and straight. Thanks again for the fine product.
Alex Valentine
04:39 PM
  ID: 153
Hi Guys My sooo long driver is work will and I would like to buy some clubs do you guys do spine alining
05:06 AM
  ID: 152
I am a practiced golfer who has played golf for about 3 years. My 5-iron swing speed is about 92 mph, but what I am interested in is what my driver swing speed is. I have just bought the new Nike Sas-quatch driver and I can with ease carry it about 285 yards and with run up to 320 yards. So my driver swing speed may less be at 110 mph or what? Is there such a huge difference between a driver and a 5 iron swing speed?
Frank H
12:09 AM
  ID: 151
Let's talk about the Green Monster shaft. I've played it in the new Sooolong II Driver and in my 3&5 wood T-7 Fairway woods. Awesome, I shot my first par round! I used to be a Penly Shaft Addict. This shaft out performs others costing 5 times the price. My customers can't believe the game enhancement features of this product. A recommended buy no matter the club head selection. Frank
John Y.
06:51 PM
  ID: 150
Gentlemen ? thanks again for the club. I took it out today for 9 holes and hit every fairway and drove a 318 yard green?.club sets up great considering the size. Sure did draw attention on the range and the course because of the sound. Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you again ? and this time I will leave you alone and let you get to work. John
Tony Ridding
02:41 PM
  ID: 149
Hi Guys, I have received the SH-8 heads and have installed them into some True Temper Tri-Gold graphite shafts and they are fantastic! I have an 8 handicap and have been playing golf a long time and can honestly say they are as good as anything I have had. Thanks for your help, Kind regards, Tony Ridding (UK)
Vinnie k
09:10 PM
  ID: 148
First let me wish you a happy and properous New-Year.I spend a lot of time scanning your site and it is the most informative site on the net.I particularly like all the specs next to the products[make comparisons easier]. Your shipping department should get a big round of applause. all the orders so far have been well packed and shipped quickly. Thanxs again and keep up the fine work. Vinnie K.
Carrieanne Sanders
07:53 PM
  ID: 147
Dear Sirs: I love your website. I have ordered clubs from you in the past and have been more than satisfied. My favorite area of your website is the golf tips with Barry Goldstein, golf pro. I relate so well to them and love the way they comunicate directly and simply. Very effective! I feel like I have one of the best golf teacher's in the country coming right into my living room with golf tips from golf pro Barry Goldstein.Playing the best golf of my life and I owe it to your website and Barry Goldstein's golf tips. Love the clubs, the tips, the website.
08:41 PM
  ID: 146
Hi all at Pro Series Golf. Just a quick message to let you know the above order arrived today in excellent order. Many Thanks for your excellent equipment and your fast & professional service. Hope to do business again soon ! Best Regards, Chris Quinn (Manchester - UK)
05:00 AM
  ID: 143
Hi, I am looking at the Sooolong 2 @ 10.5*, please advise which shaft might be the best choice? Performance is more important than asthetic! :-P My swing speed is 95 mph average with a 45" driver. sometimes with slightly late release resulting in a slice... Best Regards, Joseph
Ges Tierney
02:44 PM
  ID: 142
My SoooLong II arrived this morning, and as I had a game booked for this afternoon I used it straight away without having a practice, the result !!! Brilliant, everything that it say's, Long and straight. Even though I had to battle with strong winds, it stayed on the fairway's. Thank you very much for your service, the club is exactly how I wanted it, and after the way I was scorching the fairway's today, I think it won't be long before you have some more orders from my playing partners.
terry ressler
10:51 PM
  ID: 141
thank you! your wonderful golf tips from golf instructor barry goldstein have been so valuable to my golf game! i have closely read all of barry goldsteins tips on your site, and have gotta tell you- they have helped me beyond belief! every one of his tips are really good, and i shot 89 yesterday using his chipping technique, and driving technique....the first time i ever broke 90. thank you barry goldstein and thank you proseriesgolf! i can easily see why barry is one of america's top 100 golf teachers. great site- thanks for the gos stuff.
08:36 PM
  ID: 140
Received my order today. Wanted to take a pause and thank you for your super service. I have kept your email address for future orders I may have. Thanks again. Carl
03:24 PM
  ID: 139
The last set of Heads you sent me were the Soo-Long fairway heads. They turned out better then I thought and the lady is more then pleased that I had built them for. Thanks for the great products. For your information: I had the Super Concord Iron heads I had brought from you guys tested on a ball flight monitor against the Nike Slingshot Irons. They matched up shot per shot in all catogories. Great head ! what a difference in price compared to the Nike Slingshot set. You ought to consider testing all of your heads against the name brand heads on a ball flight monitor and posting the results with the head info.
Gareth Summers
09:07 PM
  ID: 138
Hi,just a quick email to say the golf clubs have arrived and they are perfect.thanks again will be in touch to do more business in the future.regards gareth
Jay M.
06:49 PM
  ID: 137
I was pleased to read the recent articles by Barry Goldstein on your site. I have had the pleasure of knowing Barry and the girls for about 120 days now and I believe his demeanor and positive influence for not only his students but all players present is just what golf needs, no matter what age you are. He truly embodies and imparts the life skills that the First Tee Program is built upon. So if you are 6 or 60 take advantage of the lessons provided here. Someone once said, "the best things in life are free."
Pro Series
11:10 AM
  ID: 136
Charles, Thank you so much for the feedback. We are glad that the driver is benefitting your game. The SoooLong II/Icon v.2 combination is hard to beat! Regards
11:09 AM
  ID: 135
SoooLong II Dual-Face For "SoooLong" I have searched for a driver that I would not be afraid to pull out of my bag on a tight Par 4. You found it for me!!!!!! The SoooLong Dual Face is just plain AWESOME! Yesterday was my first day out (April 10th) since last October and I usually only play 3-4 times a month. UNTIL NOW!!!! On my first swing with the SoooLong I hit a crisp 295 yard tee shot (and didn't catch it flush) and later finishing the round with an uphill Par 4 335 Yard blast that landed pin-high! Every time I used it in-between it gave me such a powerful feeling. Thank you for talking me into this driver with the Icon V.2 Assassin Shaft. I already know that after a few more rounds I will drop that 85 at least another 7-8 strokes (If my putter would mind). THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I love watching my foursome partners gawk at my new extended length of the tee. Sincerely, C. Shag Branham
10:52 AM
  ID: 134
What a combination the SoooLong 450 Ofset head makes with the MCS Green shaft. My friend who I made the Driver for was bombing them 300 yards right down the Middle.
Jerry Wesch
05:51 PM
  ID: 133
Ok - I bought the VS88 III 450 cc head 12 degree and the MCS green E=MC2 shaft, tipped .5 inch, final length 44.5". I corresponded with you about shaft alignment and understood to put the logo toward the face of the club. I used a roller bearing "Spine finder" device and found the biggest neutral point (which aligned with the logo)! Then I did a crude FLO test by clamping the tip in the vise and putting a laser pointer in the butt. When the shaft was "twanged" - pulled down and released - the point of light made a circle or ellipse until I rotated it just so and then the light pattern was a roughly straight vertical path. This orientation was not exactly on the neutral / logo orientation, perhaps 15 degrees off. I mounted the shaft with the logo to the face (9 o'clock), the "spine" to the heel (6 o'clock), leaving the oscillation plane at roughly 10 o'clock... The club works great! Almost all my ball marks are on a roughly 1" circle in the middle of the face, the flight generally is high and straight (unlike my usual fade / slice) and adequately long (for my 60 year old 90 mph swing), maybe out to 240 when I get a good one. Can't wait for warm weather and dry fairways! Cool!!! It is fun to play out of the fairway instead of the right rough! Any comments?
J. McFadden
06:13 PM
  ID: 132
As I told you on the phone, I ordered woods for my wife, an Integra SoooLong 450 driver with the Harrison Striper, men?s regular flex and length and the SoooLong 450 hypersteel 3, 5 & 7 Fairwoods Woods with men?s regular flex and length MCS 75 Blue crush shafts, with tour wrap grips. My wife absolutely loves the clubs. I?d like to order her the 9 & 11 Fairwoods Woods with men?s regular flex and length MCS 75 Blue crush shafts, and tour wrap grips, just like the previous order. I don?t recall if you made the grips one wrap over or not ? but she?d like them just like the others.
Tim B.
01:00 AM
  ID: 131
Dear ProSeriesGolf Team, Thanks so much for your quick attention to my order. As you will see looking at my records, I am a repeat customer. I will always check your website first for great golf products. I am trying to get several of my friends to look to you for the same. Again, thanks so much
Norm Goldner
11:46 AM
  ID: 130
Gary and I met a fellow at the dome yesterday who was taken with the 888. We let him try it. I gave him your web address. Perhaps a new customer source. He looked like a studious golfer.
02:45 PM
  ID: 129
Received my Integra 400 cc graph-ti driver with MCS blue crush shaft and the combination looks great. I have not yet been able to go out and hit it as it is too cold here. Will update on how it hits and feels once the weather gets warmer. Was impressed with the build quality received from pro series golf...Thanks
02:46 PM
  ID: 128
I just installed the MCS 70 iron shafts that I received on Thursday and played them over the weekend. I have to tell you that they play fantastic. The color is a little bright and I?m taking a lot of ribbing from my playing partners, but I am very happy with the quality and performance.
01:17 AM
  ID: 127
12:15 AM
  ID: 126
I just received the trampoline head set. Everything looks great. Thank you. Jerry
John Angus
03:26 PM
  ID: 125
Tony, Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your telephone call yesterday, and for taking the time out of your busy day to provide me with your kind guidance and advice. I commend you for such excellent customer service. I am looking forward to receiving the equipment ordered and putting your recommendations into effect. Seasons greetings.
C. Neal
02:44 PM
  ID: 124
I?m currently using your Sooolong Graph-Ti 10.5 degree on a Rifle Flighted S65 mid low flight stiff shaft overall length 46.5? ? an excellent head and club. When I get my tempo and rhythm going, 280 to 290 is typical with an occasional 300 to 310! I also have your Sooolong Graph-Ti fairway at 15 degrees on a Rifle Flighted S75 mid hi flight stiff shaft overall length 43.5? ? this is my par 4 buster! I love these clubs and the heads have been great. I?m really looking forward to trying this new head. I?ll be putting it on an AccuFlex Assassin II stiff with an overall length of 46.5? ? I can hardly wait!! Keep up the good work plus excellent offerings.
Steve Blair
10:10 AM
  ID: 123
I received my new Talaxium Glaz putter today. It certainly exceeded my expectations. I,m sure you will be hearing from me again and I will be giving your e-mail address to my friends. Thanks
M Barnett
07:51 PM
  ID: 122
I Love these Concords, Ive been hitting the 9 wood I bought from you very well. Thanks
Dan H
01:54 PM
  ID: 121
Hi!!! I received my Green Monster shaft last week and immediatly put a 6* Viktory tungsten face head on it. It was finally warm enough yesterday to get out to a driving range and I am really impressed. I was carrying the backstop at 275 yards consistently!!! I will definitely be buying more fun "stuff" from you guys!!!
Norm Goldner
01:53 PM
  ID: 120
I've decided that the Tour Series 888 you made with the Harrison Striper Titanium, now 47" is the best one I've ever used. I'll have the second club with blue Harrison and more flex changed to be just like the first club. It really launches the ball. Maybe not as far as the schmeizer but more accurate!
Alan N
12:44 PM
  ID: 119
Love your site. Am extremely happy with the Concords I purchased and can't wait for the 3 & 5 to show up.
Geoff A
11:24 PM
  ID: 118
Hi Guys Received the clubs yesterday. They look great. Very pleased. Just wish I had the ability to match how good the clubs look. Thanks Geoff
Alex C.
04:23 PM
  ID: 117
I hear all these glowing reports about this Sooolong Driver. i would sure like to comfirm these comments if I could just get the one I ordered delivered. My order # was 6462 .
08:43 PM
  ID: 116
Received my Integra Muscle Back blade irons. After having the lie adjusted, they are the sweetest irons I have hit. Certainly as good as the other major club manufacturers. I had them fitted with the "flaming copper" stepless shafts which were frequency matched, and spine aligned by ProSeriesGolf. Sweet!
02:26 PM
  ID: 115
hi all ive just started playing and was doing ok my irons were going long but when hit go straight then vere right,im 6.1 high and wrist to floor is 37and 3quarter inches is it right to say i should get the lie on my clubs +1 degree upright thanks for any help you can give me.
08:29 AM
  ID: 114
has anyone seen or heard if the taylormade quad r7 driver has a clone on the market yet.. thanks
11:04 PM
  ID: 113
Review of the Integra Sooo Long Bi-face driver with the Blue Crush 75 shaft. Very sweet when struck in the sweet spot. Good trajectory with the 10.5 degree head. Off center hits give immediate feedback, but don't stray too far off course and have good carry. When struck in the sweet spot, it felt great and you just watch it sail! This driver had a remarkable amount of "feel."
M Cruz
07:22 PM
  ID: 112
Just purchased your new SoooLong II Dual Face driver with the MCS 75 Blue Crush shaft and all I can say is WOW! Totally stunned this is one great club. My friends are jealous. Keep up the good work.
Alan J
09:39 AM
  ID: 111
I built a set of Acer XP Pro irons around your I-Drive iron shafts, stiff. Everyone should know what an excellent shaft this is! They are absolutely the best value in iron shafts on the market. I just ordered 2 more, 1 to rebuild the 9 iron I lost on the course, and an extra as a back-up. Great product, and also thanks for the quick service and low shipping charges. Kudos.
02:34 AM
  ID: 110
I bought the Flaming Copper stepless shafts and I team them up with the Golfsmith Pro Tour Cavity heads. I tip trimmed them 1.5 inches and finished them out at .5 inches longer than standard -- WoW. These are maaa-ve-lous! I also can attest to the fine quality of the MCS Blue and Orange Crush shafts. I put the Blue Crush in my driver head and BAM! Awesome. Also used the Orange Crush in my 3 and 5 woods. All the clubs have really solid feel. Quality all the way!!! Thanks ProSeriesGolf Team for the technical help -- First rate!
Keith F.
09:13 PM
  ID: 109
I have a set of the Integra forged Blades that I got from a friend of mine, about 2 years ago, and I just love them. I am a solid 2 handicap and normaly hit my Titleist Driver about 270-280. I am looking for an Integra driver that I can get a good distance-accuracy combo. I am very intersted in the MCS-70 Orange Ice shaft for the club head. Thanks for all suggestions.
Alan J.
11:32 PM
  ID: 108
Hey guys. Nice customer interaction idea for your site. A few questions... I'm seriously looking at the Integra Super Concord irons. I've had good luck with their components in the past and respect the company. Have you had any feedback on them, positive or negative? And would you think that the "trajectory control" aspects of these heads would do OK with a high-kick steel shaft, or would this create too low of a trajectory (my natural trajectory is normally a bit high anyway, so a "tour"-like trajectory would be welcome)? Which STS steel iron would you recommend, if so? Lastly, do you include ferrules with the purchase of iron heads? Thanks in advance for the input!
Todd U.
09:09 AM
  ID: 107
Thanks Pro Series, I have been ordering components for about 6 months now, always great shipping and the components are very high quality. Every club I have made for my clients, just love them. They can't believe they can get a quality club for such a low price. Just made a set of the 3 V Recovery for a friend, first time out with them he broke 80 for the first time.
12:24 PM
  ID: 106
Allen, Id think you have WAY more control with a shorter one. Look at Phil who won the Masters....
Todd M.
12:55 AM
  ID: 105
I'm looking at the SooLong Driver, probably 10.5 or 12 degree, and 3 and 5 woods. My swing speed is 88 - 90 with my 5 iron, not sure how that relates to the driver. Getting the ball up isn't usually a problem. What shaft would you recommend. I went with a stiff shaft for my irons and like them so far. Thanks.
J. L.
07:40 PM
  ID: 104
These V Series Powerbridge heads are GREAT!!!!. I bought a set from you a few weeks ago and used then today. My playing partner was so impressed that he is ordering a set from you today along with the SW. Thanks.
06:43 PM
  ID: 103
We have been selling the MCS 70 Ice Orange Shaft for over a year now! Sales keep increasing and many repeat customers and word of mouth. Perhaps one of the best shafts you will ever play with. All feedback has been +++++ Keep in mind manufacturing technology is the same whether you pay $60 for a shaft or $20 or maybe less!
CL Sturge
04:23 PM
  ID: 102
Any feed back on the MCS 70 shafts that I bought? How do they rate against other shafts? Would like to know before I install them in top line heads. Thanks.
02:07 PM
  ID: 101
Consider the Integra SoooLong Graph ti 400cc The quality of the Integra product line is as good or better when compared against any other component mfg, or even the top OEMs'. Why?? Same materials, same mfg process, same applied finish grade, same foundry (true) we have been to China. Difference????? only price and cosmetic look! Titanium (we could write a book) but won't get technical Same grade titanium used by Integra is also used by all other component lines and OEMs' Beta ti/SP-700/15-3-3 are all highest grade. The alloy process is different because diff heat treating is desired/required. (usually only the face has the high grade) rest of head is the std 6-4-4 grade. Volume size, face thickness (thinness), forged or cast, dictates selection of ti used, which in turn produces a desired face energy transfer, COR rating, ability against breakage. Hope this has not been to confusing.
Kevin Z
01:10 PM
  ID: 100
I was interested in a driver no larger than 400cc and had been set on an SMT Nemesis; however, now some of the commentary has me curious about the Integra line - supposedly similar materials and performance at 1/2 the price. Are most beta-ti heads the same? Is the SP700 better? Which Integra product would you recommend for a 100-105 mph, 18 handicapper, occasional golfer interested in a hot head. Can you help clarify? Thanks.
02:17 PM
  ID: 99
These are standard round grips for overall feel, however they have a "V" mark that requires precise accurate fitting installation to enable proper hand position at address.
11:16 AM
  ID: 98
I would like to know if the Sharpro grips have a reminder in them or if they are standard round grips. Thank you.
11:21 PM
  ID: 94
When a set of shafts is installed un-tipped and only butt cut, this method is called flat-lining. This produces a set of irons that feel progressively softer throughout the set. Many golfers prefer this method. Makes the scoring irons softer and easier to hit. Some advice: if you can frequency the shafts then you can arrange them in the proper progression, starting with higher frequency in the long irons etc. This produces a truly matched set of irons.
11:11 PM
  ID: 93
Thanks for your inquiry re: the Maxims. The Maxim set has been out 2 years now, and the feedback has been very positive. It is ideal for the beginner and a great way to learn to play golf. If you become serious then you can move up to a more advanced set. And, if you loose interest your investment was minimal. We recommend the Integra 2003 Stand bag at $65 and ideal bag for all your clubs.
Les Kim
10:33 PM
  ID: 92
Can the iDrive R/S iron shafts (black) be tipped, or left untipped to produce a softer than R-flex, or possibly even a A-flex? Thanks
07:24 PM
  ID: 90
Magnus, To give you a close estimate of shipping charges, we need your full address and/or postal code. Also give us some idea of your intended purchase. All international shipping is based on (1) postal code to postal code, (2) package size and weight (3) declared value for customs. We are a high volume shipper, and have discounted rates with FedEx and we can provide a quote within 2 minutes once we have the required shipping data. Thanks for your inquiry and Best Regards, ProSeriesGolf
06:33 PM
  ID: 89
Hi What is the cheapest price for shipping to sweden ? Regards magnus
Pro Series
2:41 PM
  ID: 86
Philip, Hope I can clear things up a bit for you. The answer is "yes" and "no" The cor for the 505 falls within the .830 thus it is legal from that standpoint. However the USGA is no longer accepting heads over 400cc for cor testing. The USGA is considering a new ruling to limit head sizes to 400cc with a 10% tolerance. Technically, if you are playing in a sanctioned tournament and are challenged, the bible is: Go to the USGA web site and click on non-conforming clubs if the head is not there the club is considered O.K. Club pros should know this and they abide by the list. Technically the USGA has not limited the head size yet (in talking stages at this time) so the club is legal. You may want to consider other options TF 340 or TF 400 series The Vseries 360 The Pentium X These are our top sellers and proven performers. Hope this helps, and let us know how we can be of service in the future. Your ProSeriesTeam
11:16 AM
  ID: 85
Gentlemen, I was looking into buying the "V 505 Series" for the up coming golf season. As your ad states, it is USGA compliant. However, I have been speaking with Integra Sports,(Walnut CA) the maker of this club and they do not have any information of this club being USGA approved. As I will be entering various club and regional competitions, I would appreciate an official response to its compliancy. Thank you for your attention.
Geir Bing
05:46 AM
  ID: 80
I received the Prestige irons yesterday and what a surprice. I tried the irons out on the course and they are better than Callaway, Taylermade, Ping, Cleveland and all these populare branches. It was so easy to hit the ball and it went so airborne that I could not believe it. So, that means I will keep the irons myself because they are much better than my 14 Proseries from Callaway, and coming back from my holiday at the end of January, I'm sure that I will get you some customers. And thank you very much for the drivers and the fairway woods - They are all beauties, but I didn't have time to try them out. I'm leaving for Oslo this evening and after spending Christmas and New Year there, I will go to my house in Spain for two weeks and play on some real courses.
Joe Ghazzal
01:15 PM
  ID: 77
I walked this morning as usual - 9 holes in my course with my morning gang, and guess what ? I played 1 under! First time in my golfing life! We normally play for breakfast. Free breakfast for 2 days. Hit some Nasty Drives! ( adapted your tips ) I slowed my swing down on the back swing , did a smooth one piece take away with a complete and full turn with my shoulder, and on the down swing let gravity take over, dropped the driver and then swung 100% - six inches away from the ball from the inside. And then i hold my shoulder back and turned my hip and whacked the ball ! The driver's shaft hit my back so hard one time it hurt! The ball took off like a Tornado and made a perfect draw ! You were right buddy, your Viktory driver out drove my Calloway by 30 yards..... Awesome !
05:52 PM
  ID: 75
I received my clubs right on schedule yesterday, and was impressed with them right out of the box --- they all looked great. And thanks for the free headcovers; that was a nice touch. I've been out to hit both yesterday and today, and I really like the irons. In addition to looking great, they feel good, hitting crisply and straight, with nice lofts. My distance continues to be on the short side but to me that's OK if my direction is true. My big surprise was that I feel like I'm hitting the steelwood better than the two titanium heads. Maybe I just don't generate the speed to take advantage of them, or maybe their shear size is intimidating me, but so far the steelwood has the better feel, distance, and control. I'm going to keep working with them (since they just look like they should be killers), but I also want to add the steel VS driver to my testing, so I'm sending you and order for one and will look forward to getting it soon. Thanks again for a first class job with my order.
Pro Series
07:27 PM
  ID: 73
Alan, I suspect you must be a good golfer, not to many can hit an overlength driver. Most struggle at 45-46" I would recommend the Integra ISO certified "R". Another good alternative is the Graman CF310 "R". Both are outstanding shafts and are great at 48-49 inches. The 10 deg Pentium would be a great choice, and incidentally is legal just makes it at .830 cor as tested by the USGA There is no additional charge for this custom service. Tour tech team
05:24 PM
  ID: 72
I am interested in the purchase of the Integra Pentium X driver. I want a extra long shaft, 48", 49",or 50". I get too much height with my current shaft and probably need a higher kick point. I am 66 years old with a slow swing speed. Which of your shafts can best fit my situation?
01:09 AM
  ID: 49
Thanks guys, I sometimes scuff the ground before I impact which completely thows off my putt, I tend to hold towards the bottom of my grip now to get a little more control and i think that helps... If i find that this is going to work out better I will probably look into a shorter shaft. Thanks again.
Mike B.
06:39 PM
  ID: 48
Hey Guys, Symptoms of putter length being wrong for the player!!! Scuffing the sole of the putter during the takeaway or just prior to impact.! (Putter too long!) Topping or hitting most putts low on the face of the putter--(Putter too short. But be careful, as moving the body during the stroke is a major cause of topped/thin putts as is with a putter which is too short.! Eyes are not directly over the ball when the golfer sets up over the putt.! (Eyes beyond the ball = putter probably too short!. Eyes short of the ball = putter too long!.)
10:11 AM
  ID: 47
Allen, Length is a MAJOR spec for proper putter fitting. Not too long and not too short is the common sense rule. Putter manufacturers have adopted a standard for length which is still stands today at 35" for men and 34" for ladies. This is just a general guideline and s/b used as a starting point. Putting is one area of the golf game where Comfort, comfort, comfort, is so very important to each individual which dictates preparation and shot set-up each time.

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