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Break The Ice
by Barry Goldstein

Read About Barry

If you fight a weak fade or slice, you're not releasing the clubhead properly through the ball.

Chances are, you're dragging the clubhead through the hitting zone with the heel of the club leading the toe.

Instead, you should feel as though you're wrapping the toe of the club around the ball at impact.

If you have difficulty releasing the clubhead through the hitting zone, imagine that there's a large block of ice sitting on the ground just in front of your ball, between your ball and the hole.

As you swing, I want you to hit the ball and then chop the ice in two with the toe of your club. If you hit it with the heel of the club or the clubface, it won't break.

To break it in two, you'll have to allow the toe of the club to pass over the toe through impact. And if you do, you'll be well on your way to turning that weak fade into a gentle draw.

Thanks for tuning in! Looking for an on-site lesson? Contact Barry at the Polar Shot in Johnson City, NY at 607 797-2297

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