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Hit Your Driver Down the Middle
by Barry Goldstein

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Hit Your Driver Down the Middle
Exclusive Golf Lesson For
by Barry Goldstein

Drive for show, putt for dough. We have all heard that quip. However, if you can't get off the tee, golf can be a very frustrating game. Let me give you some proven fundamentals that will help you hit your driver with power yet with all important accuracy.

Good drivers of the ball set up with a wider than shoulder width stance. That is, the inside of their heels match up to the outside of their shoulders. Both feet should not be toed too far out. I get my students to point their feet at the target line so they appear squared up. The feeling at address should be very similar to any good athlete. Knees slightly flexed, butt out, back tall and straight and the chin up. This should feel as though you are in a ready and athletic position.

The grip should be absolutely tension free. No squeezing! Grip it in your fingers, not the palm. Make sure the upside down V's form between your thumb and forefinger point towards your back shoulder, which is the right shoulder for right-handers. The right shoulder will be lower than the left shoulder, setting your eyes behind the golf ball.

Make certain to take the club back squarely. Feel as though the face of the driver is actually looking at the golf ball for the first foot of the takeaway. Also make certain you are taking the club straight back away from the ball. You do not want to whip it inside, or lift it outside your target line.

Through impact it is very important that you release the clubhead. A good feeling for those that tend to slice would be to actually feel as though the toe end of the clubface "wraps" around the golf ball. For a slicer this will feel as though they are hooking it. The right arm will roll over the left after impact.

All good drivers fully release their weight onto their front side. Picture Mark McGuire hitting a home run. Wayne Gretzky hitting a slap shot. Pete Sampras hitting a serve. Notice when they are done, all their weight has gotten to their front side.

Finally, make certain you are able to stay balanced in your finish position. Swing as hard as you want. Be aggressive. Just make certain you are able to hold your balanced position.

These are fundamentals all good drivers of the golf ball share. If you will take the time to learn these keys, you will certainly hit more fairways. Then those putts for dough will be for birdie, which is a lot more exciting than putting for double-boggie after driving the ball out of bounds.

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