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2008 ReMax World Long Drive Finals
by Associated Press

WORLD RECORD: RE/MAX Long Drive Championship Finals October 25th, 2008 Geek Golf Staffer Joe Shuba average for the week 408 yards! Geek also had the longest hit (428 yards) of any component golf club head at the RE/MAX LD Championship Finals!

2008 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship finals   Mesquite, Nevada on October 20-25.

Long drivers will be competing for a record total purse of $600,000 in 2008. The open division champion will earn $250,000, by far the largest payday in the sport's history.

ESPN will debut a 90-minute tournament recap during the Christmas holidays (date TBD).


The 2008 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship features competition in five adult divisions: Open, Senior (45-52), Super Seniors (53-60), Grand Champions (61 and up) and Women. If age-eligible, competitors may enter multiple divisions.


RE/MAX championship week in Mesquite will feature a total of 272 long drive competitors. The breakdown by division:

Open Division - 128 hitters
Senior Division - 48 hitters
Super Senior Division - 48 hitters
Women's Division - 24 hitters
Grand Champions Division - 24 hitters
Total: 272

Members of Team Geek Golf that will compete at The Re Max World LD this year so far:

#1) Joe Shuba-Open
#2) Stephanie Shuba
#3) Mitch Dobbyn-Open
#4) Stevie Di - Grand
#5) Jeddy Baptisa-Open
#6) Ryan Gregnol-Open
#7) Andreas Persson-Open
#8) Patrik Andersson-Open
#9) CT Taylor-Military
#10) Matt MacDonald-Open

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