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Use Your Hands And Arms To Start The Downswing
by Staff

The most destructive, yet most widely taught way to start the downswing is to rotate the hips toward the target. This singular instruction may quite possibly be the reason the average golf score hasn't improved since, well, forever. Once you understand the swing plane concept and the plane shift inherent to the swing, it is absolutely clear that if you really do start down with any sort of rotation, your hands and club will instantly move out farther away from the original plane rather than down toward it. If you rotate toward the target, your hands must follow in the same direction. Unless you have the flexibility of Tiger Woods or David Duval, as soon as you rotate your hips, you will create an immediate chain reaction that can only pull your club the wrong way. Your hips pull your shoulders, which are immediately followed by your arms and hands. This move can't possibly make your arms, hands and club move down toward the original plane. The easiest way to return the club to the original plane is to push the club back down onto it using your hands and arms.

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