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Good Weight Transition Through Imaging
by Staff

Club positions in the golf swing are often overemphasized in teaching. Thinking of where the club is at various points in the swing prohibits a golfer from making the natural motion of shifting weight back and through, which is at the heart of good golf. By limiting swing thoughts, you will become a more successful, effective player.

A great way to get students to understand the weight shift is by comparing it to things they have done or seen. A good example is a tennis player serving and shifting all his weight to the back foot then coming forward and landing on the front foot. Another example is a football quarterback throwing a pass with the same basic motion from his back to his forward foot.

But perhaps the most effective and simplest way to develop a complete weight shift is to first put the student in a balanced position with all his weight on his left foot at the completion of his swing. When the student feels this position, he works toward getting to that point. He thinks only of getting to a balanced finish and makes a free and easy swing to achieve it. Put simply, a good swing begins with a good image of how it ends.

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