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How To Attack Buried Bunker Lies
by Staff

To blast the ball out of the sand, your club needs to swing more up and down to create a steeper angle of attack. To help illustrate this, have someone stand (or picture a wall) several feet behind the ball. In the backswing, hinge your wrists early to get the club up more, avoiding the person (or wall). Also make note of the length of the backswing. It should almost be a full swing. In order to create enough speed and energy to blast the ball out of the sand, avoid taking a short and/or low backswing. From this position, you will be able to swing the club into the sand on the downswing. It's imperative that you strike down into the sand 1 to 2 inches behind the ball and finish with the club low to the ground. Amateur golfers often try to scoop or help lift the ball out of the sand. This usually results in the club hitting the sand too far behind the ball and either missing it completely or taking too much sand and leaving the ball in the bunker. Or, the club misses the sand and strikes the top of the ball, resulting in a topped shot that can go anywhere.

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