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7 Swing Tips You Should Try To Get Extra Distance
by Golf Illustrated

The golf swing is like an automobile. The steering wheel must control the direction of the car, while the accelerator controls how fast the car moves.

In the golf swing, the left hand becomes the steering wheel that controls the direction of the golf ball. The left heel is the accelerator that creates speed and power.

When setting up over the ball, your weight should be evenly distributed between the left and right. Make sure to have the weight on both the balls and heels of the feet. Keeping all of the weight on just the balls or the heels of the feet will cause a loss of balance on the backswing.

As you start the club back with your left hand, you will begin to feel your upper body coiling. As you reach the halfway point in your backswing, let the left heel naturally lift up 2 to 3 inches. This will automatically transfer your weight to the right side and allow the lower body to participate in this coiling action. This increase in coiling adds more potential power to the downswing. Note that as your left heel rises, your left knee should move toward your right knee. This ensures that you have transferred the weight to the right side, not just lifted your heel.

Now that the club is fully swung back, we need to unleash the power we?ve created. Start your downswing by placing the left heel back on the ground and shifting your weight back to your left side. Once again, make sure your knees are working toward one another.

At this point in the swing, the right knee is moving toward the left. The faster you put your left heel down, the faster your weight will shift back to the left side. Increasing the speed of the weight shift makes your upper body accelerate through the ball, providing enormous power. Think of the equation as: Faster shift = faster clubhead speed = more distance.

At impact, your weight should be on your left side, and your right heel should be in the air. If your right heel is not off the ground at impact, then you?re still trying to create power with your upper body. This causes you to hit the ball before your weight shift has a chance to work.

Try this sequence a few times in slow motion to get the feel of it. Remember to make sure that your right heel is off the ground before impact.

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