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Loading The Right Side For Maximum Clubhead Speed
by Golf Illustrated

By beginning with how not to load the right side, you will better understand what loading it means. Many golfers reverse-pivot. In the backswing, they keep all or most of their weight on their left leg. The natural reaction in the downswing is to shift the weight to the right leg.

Thus, they hit the ball while moving backward. Obviously, nothing good can come of that action. There is no propelling force. Accuracy is nothing more than a wish and a hope.

The second most common problem among average golfers is the sway, which is the opposite of the reverse-pivot. A sway is a mis-shifting of weight to the right side. Instead of the hips turning as the weight shifts to the right side, they move or slide only laterally. By the principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction, in the downswing the hips don?t turn so much as they only shift laterally to the left. The body movement overall is like a dangling strand of overcooked spaghetti.

There?s no power or accuracy in that either. To load the right side, during the backswing shift your weight to the right side in such a way as to create a stable foundation from which to deliver a powerful downswing. Like everything else in the golf swing, this begins with a sound address position.

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