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Pre-Swing Routine
by ProSeries

One of the most important elements of your golf swing begins before you ever swing the club. It is called your pre-swing or pre-shot routine.

Pay attention to the professionals or the better golfers at your club. Each starts preparing to hit the ball the same way on every shot. Everyone does it differently, but they all have their own routine. Decide the best routine for yourself.

Usually the set up begins from behind the ball, picking a spot on your target line, aiming the clubhead and placing your feet. Do your waggle, or whatever motion starts you moving, and you're into your swing. Doing the same routine each time will create and maintain confidence.

This will allow for a free-swinging motion, an instinctive swing that allows everything to just happen, and happen correctly. It is a great way to approach the game -- knowing you are aimed at the target and all you have to do is swing the club.

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