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Consistent Drives Start With A Proper Stance
by Roger Gunn

What I?m about to tell you regarding the stance for hitting your driver is going to feel much different than what you?re used to with your iron shots.

Don?t let this bother you.

If you?re someone who struggles with a driver, then a significant change might be just the ticket. In order to facilitate the desired upward strike with the driver, two things must happen in the stance.

First of all, the stance must be wider. At least shoulder width is a good guideline for this part of the stance. The wider stance essentially puts you farther behind the ball at address, which helps you to hit up on the ball.

The second important element is to place the ball forward in your stance, somewhere between the heel and instep of your target-side foot.

Placing the ball forward in your stance also will make it easier to hit up on the ball.

You can imagine that a ball well back in the stance makes it almost impossible to hit with anything but a descending blow, which is disastrous for a driver.

This next point might very well be the difference between a lifetime of great driving and a lifetime of looking for balls in the bushes. Upon adopting a wider stance with the ball placed more forward, you must make sure that your shoulders are still facing down the range. This is the area where most club golfers part ways with the game?s best players. In keeping your shoulders square while you adopt a wider stance and the new ball position, you will feel much more behind the ball at address. And guess what? You will be!

Don?t fight this very unusual feeling. With a little practice, the new stance will feel more and more comfortable, and it will make striking the ball properly much easier.

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