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Missed Putts Are Nothing More Than An Illusion
by Better Golf

If you watch tour players putt, you will notice that most of them have their hands in front of the blade during address. This condition does not vary throughout their stroke from start to finish.

However, as you watch your friends putt, you will notice that most of them have their hands behind the putterhead at address and tend to break down even more or slap at the ball through impact and beyond. Teachers agree that in order to be effective on the green, you must have the shaft of the putter leaning slightly forward, allowing the hands to lead the blade throughout the stroke.

Fundamentally, we know that the left hand controls the putterface and its direction, while the right hand controls the putterhead and its effective loft. These two factors allow you to stroke the ball more consistently, thus controlling the ball's line and speed more acutely. The bottom line is if you do not maintain the leading action of the hands over the blade on today's fast greens, you will never be an effective putter. But how can this be accomplished? Isn't this just as simple as forward pressing your hands during address? Why is that so hard?

The problem is an optical illusion of the putter's shaft that occurs when a player looks down from address at his hands and the nagle formed by his clubshaft. This setup flaw is one that many players mentally process incorrection and don't even know they are doing it.

This illusion can affect your impact alignment, causing it to break down and promote a slapping action of the wrists and hands.

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