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5 Ways To Keep Your Swing On Plane

Defining The Swing Plane
Because the swing plane is invisible, golfers must depend upon mental images and feel to make the proper movements throughout their swing to ensure the club is moving on plane.

To create a mental picture of the swing plane, view it as a large rectangle with four 90-degree corners. Just how big is it? It should always be bigger than the circumference of the swing. Also, imagine it being constructed of an inflexible material. It should be flat with a smooth surface and a large hole in the center permitting you to pivot freely during the swing.

The plane should pass through your waist - not over your shoulders. The base of the plane is the ball/target line.

Fully understanding and agreeing on the characteristics, size and shape of the plane is imperative to the remainder of this discussion. If we are in agreement so far, we can now begin to fit a few more pieces of the puzzle together.

What Swings On Plane?
Exactly what is it that you should try to swing on plane? The hands? The arms? The clubhead? A more accurate answer would be the clubshaft.

In the process of keeping the clubshaft on plane, your hands, arms, shoulders, setup routine and pivot motions all play a very important role.

In The Golfing Machine, Homer Kelley stated that "... every other part of learning to execute a precision golf stroke had to be mastered with the goal of keeping the clubshaft on the face of the inclined plane."

Although I do not teach the mechanics of The Golfing Machine, I have found it to be an excellent reference book containing a wealth of information. The book defines the plane as "the through-the-waist plane of rotation of the clubshaft as established during the address routine." This makes a lot more sense to me than an illustration of a pane of glass resting on a golfer's shoulders with his head sticking through it.

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