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The Long Greenside Bunker Shot -
by Rob Williams

The long greenside bunker shot -- the one from 30 to 40 yards -- is one of the most difficult in golf.

Because of the proximity to the green itself, it is perceived as an explosion, and golfers automatically reach for their sand wedge.

They then overswing in order to gain the distance needed and either hit too far behind the ball or catch it clean and blade it over the green.

Club selection is the solution. Leave the sand wedge in the bag and instead use a pitching wedge, or even a 9-iron if the distance is especially long. Then, play the shot just as you would with a sand wedge.

Use an open stance with the ball forward and contact the sand behind the ball, etc.

The sharper leading edge of the pitching wedge or 9-iron will cut easily through the sand and produce the distance you need. You'll be amazed at how effective the shot will be.

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