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Assuming The "Natural" Grip
by Better Golf

Many of the golfers I work with, and especially those who slice the ball badly, have a weak grip. The left hand is turned to the left so that no knuckles on the hand are showing when looking down in the address position.

A tell-tale sign of this grip is the left thumb, which is placed on the top of the shaft rather than slightly to the right side of it. My aim is to get these players to take a natural grip.

I show them what is natural by having them stand straight without a club and letting their arms hang straight down. I point out that the left hand does not hang "on profile." Instead, much of the back of the hand is showing, or facing forward.

I then slide the club into the golfer'?s fingers and explain that this is his natural grip position. It is a position that gives him the best chance of returning the club to square at impact, which means goodbye slice.

Not everyone's left hand hangs at the same angle, but it is a rare one that does not hang at some degree of an angle. If you try to grip the club otherwise, you are going against your nature and making the game more difficult than necessary.

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