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Put Some Body In Your Swing
by Better Golf

Many golfers try to swing the club with only their hands and arms without regard to the function of the torso and lower body. Because all parts of the body are connected, all of them should be included in building the swing. Turning the body in both directions is the key to staying in control of the swing. The turn is what keeps all the parts moving in sync.

Make sure you make a positive move to start both the backswing and forward swing. I believe the best way to achieve this is to start the club back with the left arm and both shoulders. This starts the body rotating from the top, which I think is preferable.

Start the forward swing by turning the hips toward the target. This unwinds the body from the feet up. These actions ensure that the turn is proper in both directions. To get the feeling of the overall body turn in the full swing, visualize a door as it opens and closes. Think of turning through the ball, not hitting at it.

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