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Improve Accuracy, Choose A Specific Target
by Golf Illustrated

Most golfers have a target in mind when they prepare to play their shots, but usually the target is much too general. It won't do to choose an entire fairway or the whole green as your target. You must be more specific to really be effective. You must envision hitting your 4-iron to the back left corner of the green or landing it on the front half of the green.

The body and your instincts have a remarkable ability to respond to mental stimuli, one of which is choosing a target. But it is even more amazing how much more accurate golfers can be when they have a clear focus of exactly where they want the ball to go when they make their target smaller -- not a whole fairway, but a section of it, and so on. If you don't have a specific target, it is like the airline pilot who takes off not knowing where exactly he is heading -- off for Minnesota but no specific city or town.

You Get What You Expect

Learn to discard your prior expectations about your golf game. When you begin your round by playing above expectations, assume that you are only playing to your potential. Don't believe in the concept of playing above your ability or "playing above your head." How can a person play above his physical and mental ability? Your good play is simply a glimpse of your true potential, a preview of what's possible on a consistent basis.

How you view your improved play has a significant impact on your future performance. If you view your good play as a lucky one-time event, chances are it will be just that because this type of thinking undermines the confidence and motivation necessary to consistently perform at a new, higher level.

You must break through your previously held beliefs about what level of performance is possible. Your physical skills may have improved, but if you still see yourself as the same old player, your performance will not move to a higher level.

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