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Hit Variety Of Shots With One Club
by Golf Illustrated

It has become popular to include three wedges in a set of irons, two of them sand wedges of different lofts. But this is not necessary. You can use one sand wedge for a greater variety of shots than you may have thought, and thereby leave room for more useful utility clubs, such as a 7-wood. The overall advantage of using the sand wedge for many shots is the weight of the club and its big angled flange.

The all-purpose sand wedge should have 56 degrees of loft. There are four degrees of difference in loft between all irons, with the standard pitching wedge nowadays at around 50 degrees. So you want a sand wedge that you can hit full from the grass anywhere from 80 to 90 yards.

The 56-degree sand wedge should do that for you. The standard bounce on a sand wedge is between 10 and 12 degrees (bounce is the angle of the flange). But for the all-purpose wedge, the bounce should be between 9 and 10 degrees, because you'll have more options.

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