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Widen Your Arc, Lengthen Your Swing -Hit It A Mile
by Golf Illustrated

More than likley, you've received several tips on how to swing a golf club and produce more power, but one tip is most important of all -- the width of your backswing arc.

Most average golfers don't maximize their personal capacity to swing the club back on the widest possible arc. Here's how.

Your goal is to extend your arms as much as possible. as your shoulders rotate around your spine. At the start of the swing, swing the club straight back from the ball with your wrists unhinged and your left arm firm and straight. It's as though you were handing the clubhead to someone kneeling behind you some 6 or 7 feet. The triangle formed by your arms and shoulders at address also should be retained.

As your shoulders and torso begin to rotate, your upper left arm should remain close to your chest and your right elbow moves away from your trunk (while still pointing down). By keeping your left arm close to your body, and your right elbow down, you swing the club on the proper plane -- to the inside of the target line -- while obtaining maximum swing width and length.

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