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Swing Around Your Body To Cure A Slice
by Golf Illustrated

Most golfers slice the ball because they've been led to believe there are straight lines in the golf swing. The most common instruction signifying this misconception is, "Take the club straight back from the ball" to start the swing. Wrong!

When you take the club straight back from the ball, you are prone to raising your right hip and shoulder much higher than the left hip and shoulder. In doing so, you cannot swing your arms and club around your body correctly to make a circle.

The idea is to swing the club around your body, not above it. This path is generated by your hands, which move to the inside (close to your body) when you begin the swing. Notice that it's the hands that start back to the inside. If you try to swing the clubhead to the inside, the tendency is to jerk it too much in that direction. If you swing the hands inside, the clubhead will move in that direction, but on a wider, better arc. At the same time, it moves on a circular path around your body. The club is going to follow that path back to the ball, making it almost impossible to slice the ball.

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