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Measure Up When Hitting It Well
by Peter Boyce

I constantly remind my students to pay attention while they practice to not only their swing thoughts but also to the ball position when they are striking the ball well.

Mark the toe and heel position of each foot with a tee, along with the position of the ball, and then measure distances from each toe to the ball, as well as toe-to-toe and heel-to-heel positions. This can be done when hitting woods, mid-irons and wedges, and may not always be prudent to do it at the same time, as usually we are hitting the ball better with some clubs than with others.

Once you have your measurements, write them on a card, put it away in your bag and forget about it. When you start having trouble hitting the ball solidly, mark out your setup position with tees, position yourself in your "good grid" and resume practice.

I'll bet that most players will find that they have changed their setup position and will hit the ball better when they adjust back to their previous measurements.

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