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Easy Tip To Line Up Puts and Drives
by Gerald Borin

There are two instances per hole when a golfer can legally place and orient his ball in a desired position - on the tee and on the green. I have found that by drawing a thick line about 1 1/4 inches long with a marking pen through the logo of the ball, I provide myself with a visual aid that helps me improve my accuracy in both driving and putting.

When putting, place the ball so the marked line is aimed at the intended direction of the putt. Set the ball so the marked line curves back below your line of sight. By focusing on that line, your concentration is better directed, and mechanical putting "keys" and other thoughts are eliminated.

On the tee, I orient the marked line at approximately 7 o'clock (or from 7 o'clock to 2 o'clock), and, of course, where I can see the entire line. By concentrating on hitting the marked line, I am more likely to take the club to the inside on the takeaway and hit it from the inside in the downswing. This eliminates the outside-to-in swing that produces a slice.

Think Steady

If you're not big on swing images, then a unifying swing key to focus on might be staying steady over the ball. If the axis of the swing is kept in a fairly constant position during the coiling action of the hips, shoulders and arms, then the chances of the club returning to its point of origin to make crisp contact with the ball are enhanced. Golfers may produce steadiness over the ball in various ways, such as staying down on the shot, keeping the swing on plane or keeping the head down or eye on the ball.

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