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Secrets For Creating A Powerful Swing
by Golf Illustrated

Generating sufficient torque (or coil) in your swing is key to hitting with power. To create torque in your backswing, your shoulders must rotate more than your hips. Most frequently, torque is inhibited when players keep their head very still, overturn their hips or use only the arms in the backswing. Keeping your head still makes it very difficult to turn the rest of your body, which decreases the amount of torque that can be created. It also encourages the lower body to sway (or slide), moving your weight to the outside of the back foot. Therefore, you cannot use the back leg as a brace (or post) to resist the turn of the upper body and create torque. If you overuse your legs in the backswing, your hips and shoulders will turn equally. This mistake creates an improper coil in which there is no resistance between the upper and lower body.

In addition, using only your arms and hands as your power source is limiting. You need to use the body in proper combination with the arms and hands to create a powerful swing.

A good drill to help generate more torque is to place a club against the inside of your back foot perpendicular to the target line. Hold another club across the front of your shoulders, with the grip end on the left. Now make a backswing and try to line up the two shafts. Be careful not to overturn the hips. Every person is built differently, so how much each player can turn will vary.

Another excellent drill for increased torque is to take your address position on your knees and turn your upper body to the top of the backswing. You should feel tension in your torso. This freezes your hips and creates a huge differential between your hips and shoulders.

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