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Learn How To Play Breaking Putts
by Golf Illustrated

The majority of golfers severely underplay the break on almost all putts. When you look at the path the ball will take, you more than likely see the "break point" rather than the actual "aim point," leading you to believe there is less break than there really is. The reason why is that the putt will break as soon as you hit it -- that's gravity for you. You've probably seen enough breaking putts to be able to visualize the path, but you will always underplay the break unless you forget the hole and roll a straight putt to the aim point -- not the break point.

The Around The World Drill offers a good way to practice short, breaking putts. Place 12 balls in a circle around the hole, with each one 2 feet from the hole. Use a hole with some slope to it so that you can practice breaking putts. Now go through your preshot routine and putt the first ball. If you make it, take the ball out of the hole, put it aside and go on to the next ball. If you miss it, replace it and go on to the next ball. When you have gone through the circle of balls, go back to those you replaced and make five in a row from each spot. This is a great short putting drill that will really help you lower your scores. Try it with 3- and 4-footers as well.

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