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Drop Your "V" To Avoid The Slice Swing Path
by Ric Tavolacci

If you're pulling shots left or pull-slicing the ball, it is very likely your downswing is on an outside-to-in path. This is often caused by "hitting from the top," that is, uncocking your wrists too soon in the downswing and casting the club so that at impact it is crossing the target line and ball from outside to in.

This is a common problem. A good swing image to prevent this is to drop the inverted "V" that is formed by your arms and hands to start the downswing. Hold the "V" together and swing it down as a whole. Now, as your upper body turns, your clubhead will be inside the target line through most of the downswing and will move down the target line at impact. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the slight right-to-left draw you will get on your shots.

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