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Swing Like An Athlete
by Barry Goldstein

Read About Barry

So many of my students are gifted natural athletes-they're terrific tennis players, basketball players or baseball players. And yet, when they set up for a golf shot they assume a tense, stiff, awkward position-there's just no way to make a fluid, well-balanced, powerful swing from this posture.

Instead, you need to bring your athletic ability to your golf swing.

Give this a try:

the next time you hit balls, just relax and put all technical and mechanical thoughts aside and set up to the ball so that you're ready to make an athletic move.

Imagine that you're a point guard preparing to defend a quick player. If football's your game, picture yourself as a quarterback preparing to take the snap from center.

Or, if you prefer, envision yourself on the tennis court getting ready to return a Pete Sampras serve.

You have a wide stance with your knees flexed, your butt out and your weight comfortably balanced on the balls of your feet.

Your arms are hanging naturally and tension free and you're ready to move in any direction.

From this athletic, well-balanced position, hit a few balls, focusing solely on rhythm and tempo.

I bet you'll be surprised at how natural your golf swing feels and how crisply you hit the ball-now that you've let your athletic abilities back into your golf game.

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