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Faults & Fixes: Curing The Slice
by Natural Golf

Slicing the ball is probably the most common problem for golfers. For Natural Golfers, setting up in the proper position and using the Palm Grip should virtually cure any slice problems you have.

But, if you?re still struggling with a slice, here are some problem areas you can look for in your swing, as discussed in Natural Golf?s ?Faults & Fixes? instructional video.

When a slice occurs, there are three, typical setup faults that cause it ? the clubface is too open at address; the golfer has an improper grip position; or the ball is positioned improperly in the stance.

Here are the fixes you can apply for each fault:

Clubface Too Open

As you set up to the ball, look down carefully at your clubhead to make sure the leading edge of the clubhead is perpendicular to the target line. All you may need to do is turn the clubhead a little. The key here is to first get your leading edge square to the target line, and then place your hands in the proper Natural Golf Palm Grip position.

One of the benefits of the Palm Grip is that it positions your hands on the club at setup where they will naturally return during the swing at impact. By taking your Palm Grip after you have aimed the clubface at the target, no swing compensations will be necessary to return the clubface square to the target at impact, and you will have cured an open clubface at impact.

Improper Grip Position

In a typical slicer?s grip, both hands are rotated too far toward the target in the setup. When this is the case, the hands will not return naturally to this position during the swing at impact, causing the clubface to be left open and causing a slice.

To correct this, simply check to make sure your hands are aligned in the proper Natural Palm grip. (see photo)

Ball Positioned Improperly

If you setup with the ball positioned too far forward or too far back in the stance, you can also cause a slice.

When the ball is too far back, the clubface will not have enough time to square to the target before impact, leaving the clubface open to the swing path and producing a slice. A ball positioned too far forward in the stance can encourage an out-to-in swing path. This can promote an open clubface at impact, again resulting in a slice.

Take the time to position the ball correctly for each shot, and you will have the best chance of consistently returning the clubface square to the target and on the correct path. Ball positions vary by club, but the driver should be opposite your lead shoulder, midirons slightly forward of the body?s center, and short irons in the middle of your stance.

If you are confident that these three checkpoints in your setup are correct, and there is still a problem with a slice, we recommend you check the most common swing fault ? a late or blocked release of the ?leverage angle.? In this situation, the clubface is again open at impact, causing the ball to slice.

The leverage angle is created during the cocking of the wrists during the backswing, and is then released through the impact zone. The release is complete when the lead arm begins to fold and the trail arm fully extends.

It is important to remember that the arms are independent of the body?s motion, and if we are set up properly at the start of the swing, we will return to the ball at impact in the same position. If there is too much body movement, and the arms aren?t free to fold and extend during the swing, chances are you will not be able to fully release the leverage angle at impact.

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