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The Phil Blackmar Drill
by Barry Goldstein

Read About Barry

One of the most commonly used-and most misunderstood-expressions in golf instruction is "dropping the club into the slot."

What this means is that you should start your downswing by allowing your hands to drop about a foot before you begin to swing toward to ball, uncoiling your upper body and uncocking your wrists.

Instead, many players cast the club from the top of their backswings, spinning their shoulders and losing their wrist cock prematurely. The result is usually a weak fade.

To learn this move, practice this drill, shown to me by PGA Tour professional Phil Blackmar. On the practice tee with a 7-iron, take your normal address position. Swing the club to the top of your backswing. Now, instead of making your downswing, just "pump" the handle of club down one foot toward the ball. Maintain your wrist cock and don't let your shoulders-especially your left shoulder (for a right-handed golfer)-open toward the target. Now make a second practice swing, again pumping your hands toward the ball instead of making a downswing. On the third swing, go ahead and hit the ball, but focus on starting your downswing with the same move. Hit 30 or 40 balls, practicing the "pump" twice before each ball. Once you get this move grooved, you'll be rewarded with consistently crisp impact and increased power.

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