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Gain 30 Yards Off The Tee
by Mike Austin

Have you ever noticed how PGA Tour players swing so SMOOTH, yet hit so LONG? How do they swing so easily, yet hit 5 irons 200-210 yards? They do it by generating tremendous clubhead speed.

One of the most effortless looking but fastest clubhead speeds ever measured belongs to the legendary Mike Austin. At the age of 64, Mike set the Guinness Book World Record for longest drive in competition at 515 yards. That's the Secret Release in action! And the best part is, Mike Austin can teach it to you.

Mike Austin and his prot?g? Mike Dunaway are virtually alone in teaching a release starting at the top -- a throwing motion of the clubhead. NOTE: This is NOT a casting motion, but a throwing motion that must be done together with the body turning back into the ball.

To throw the clubhead at the ball, visualize a baseball pitching motion. Throw the clubhead with the right hand as you unfold your right elbow -- just like a major leaguer, only you're throwing underhanded. You want your right arm to fully extend, enabling the club shaft to catch up with your left arm at impact.

This secret release creates incredible clubhead speed. It uses the full effects of gravity. Holding your release, as taught in traditional golfing methods, does not.

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