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Check Your Swing Plane
by Staff

By the time you reach the halfway stage in your backswing, your goal is to have the club 'in balance,' so that it can work in harmony with the turning of your body. In this position your left arm should be 'snug' to your body; your right elbow splayed out slightly, and your wrists fully cocked. Try this drill.

Take a mid-iron, and choke down to the bottom of the grip. Swing the club back to halfway, hinging the wrists and keeping your left arm lightly on your chest. Make sure that your left arm elbow points down towards the ground. That assists the upward movement of the club and counteracts any excess rotation of the left arm. The grip-end of the club should now be pointing at a spot about midway between your feet and the ball.

Now, can you feel how much lighter the club feels at this point? That's because you have 'set' the club correctly; it's in balance. If you have suffered with a severely laid-off backswing for some time, then this correct position will feel overly upright. But trust it - its perfectly on plane. And from here completing the backswing is easy. Just keep turning and you'll swing the club into a solid position at the top.

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