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Make An Impact With Your Swing
by Staff

Every swing mechanic, position and alignment you've ever heard has the goal of helping you attain the correct alignments at impact. Obviously, impact alignments are the most important alignments in golf, even though impact lasts only a fraction of a second.

So, what are the proper impact alignments? First, your head should be slightly behind the ball and on the same level as it was at address. Your spine angle and the shaft of the club also should have returned to the same plane angle as during your setup. Your hands should be very close to your right thigh. Your right arm should be straight, with your right elbow in line with the right hip. Your weight should be at least 75 percent on the left side, with your right heel off the ground. Your shoulders should be slightly open, and your hips should have rotated open, toward the target. Your left wrist should be flat, and your right wrist should be bent. This is critical, as the left wrist cannot be flat unless the right wrist is bent. This simple alignment cures casting, over acceleration, loss of power and the clubhead passing the hands prior to impact.

At impact, you also should be able to draw a straight line connecting your left shoulder, left arm, left wrist, the shaft of the club and the ball. One last point concerning impact. It's been said that if your clubhead is moving at 100 miles per hour, it will move less than an inch during this very brief period in your swing. However, if you arrive at impact in the correct position, you can be sure to make that critical inch count.

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