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Rome: John Daly Becomes Doc Superglue
by Jim Rome - FSN

The legend of golfer John Daly continues to grow.

J.D., larger than life and a little different than the average golfer, sliced his hand up last week at the British Open. Somehow, he had a piece of glass embedded in his right hand, probably from some bender he was on back in the day.

Anyway, he hit a shot out of the rough and said it felt like someone stabbed him in the hand. He played the rest of his round with one hand and then had emergency surgery Saturday and actually finished the tourney Sunday. Macho.

Problem is, while playing in a Pro-Am Tuesday, the wound ripped open again, and J.D. couldn't stop the bleeding. Instead of seeking out a medical professional, he went into his golfbag pulled out some superglue ? I said superglue ? and attempted to glue the wound shut.

Superglue? What, you couldn't find any duct tape? There wasn't a staple gun handy? Why not just get some sand from one of the bunkers and grind it in there.

John, I know you wanted to stop the bleeding. What do you say you let a doctor take a look at that?

I don't think you should be going "ER" on the wound yourself. I'm guessing that wound wasn't entirely sterile when you slapped that superglue on it.

I just hope you saved some of that glue, because you're going to need it to glue your hand back onto your arm after it falls off from gangrene.

Superglue. Is he drinking again?

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