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Price Rips New Golf Technology
by Stephen Wade - Assoc

GULLANE, Scotland (AP) ? Nick Price thinks golf technology has overrun the importance of technique. He used West Indian cricket batsman Brian Lara - one of the world's best - as an example.

"If you gave Brian Lara a cricket bat that was twice the size and half the weight of a regular cricket bat, what would happen?" Price asked. "How many runs would he score?

"Basically that's what's happening with the drivers today. You've got a driver with a sweet spot four times the size of a wooden driver, twice the size - and the ball comes off it faster."

"If you did the bowlers would go berserk - batsmen would score 600 runs in a day, and you wouldn't be able to get anyone out." Asked if golf was headed in the wrong direction, Price didn't hedge.

"Absolutely," he said.

"They - the people setting up the courses - are sending out a statement to the youth to just drive the ball 300 yards, otherwise you're not going top be able to play this game.

"I think that's very sad. This game, it has always been the ultimate David vs. Goliath game where you had someone like a Gary Player and a Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan."

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