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Tiger: Married life helps me with my golf game
by Associated Press

Tiger Woods enjoys having someone to talk to about his golf game. And it's not his caddie.

Woods and his new wife, Elin Nordegren, talk about improving his game, especially after a surprisingly lean year, he told the Times of London.

"Without a doubt it helps having a partner there. We're like a team," said Woods, who hasn't won a major in the last two seasons and lost his No. 1 ranking to Vijay Singh. "We go to tournaments together, it makes you stronger.

"We'll go out, we'll have dinner, we talk about it. What went wrong that day, what went right. We'll develop a game plan usually - 'How can I get better?' - and go about it."

Woods and Nordegren were married on Oct. 5 in Barbados, and he looks forward to starting a family.

"Certainly it'll be more of a distraction early on," he said. "Anyone who's had kids can relate to that - the lack of sleep. But that's something that I'm looking forward to and I know she is the same."

Despite his eight major titles and other achievements, Woods would love to be able to move around and not be recognized.

"I've always wanted anonymity. That has nothing to do with golf, more life in general," he said. "The ideal world: to be able to compete and play and still not be recognized. That would be the greatest thing ever."

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