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St. Andrews to Break With Tradition With Food Cart
by Associated Press

St. Andrews, the home of golf, is breaking with its storied traditions and introducing a food and beverage cart on the Old Course starting Saturday.

``We are introducing it on a trial basis,'' Caroline Nurse, a St. Andrews spokewoman, said Thursday. ``We'll just see how it goes.''

Catered and staffed by St. Andrews personnel, the food and drink will be served from an extended golf cart behind the 11th tee. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, sandwiches and light snacks will be offered.

St. Andrews, which traces its golfing history back to the 1400s, allows no motorized carts and limits pull carts.

The trial ends July 31, but Nurse said the cart would be driven back to the clubhouse if it proved to be a disadvantage.

``There are concerns it will slow down play and might cause extra litter,'' Nurse said. ``We're taking these concerns into account. To make transactions more quick, we'll round up the prices, unwrap things so we can take the litter from them.''

Customer demand prompted the introduction of the cart.

``It does get hot here at St. Andrews, and players are out for up to four hours playing,'' Nurse said.

But there is a precedent for drinks on the links at St. Andrews. In the 1860s, a ginger beer cart was wheeled around the fourth hole, allegedly with a bottle of gin stowed for those suffering a bad round.

The ginger beer makes a return in 2001, but players will have return to the clubhouse for the gin.

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