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Golf After 50: Want to cut strokes? Tee off later
by Jim Brown and Hershe

"The older I get, the longer it takes for my body to loosen up," says Don Brown, a ten handicapper from Dallas. Brown's solution is to delay his tee time until noon or later.

"If I tee off at noon or later, my game is four strokes better than if I tee off earlier. Golf is all about getting into a rhythm and I can get into that zone a lot better when I tee off later. I'm more erratic in the morning. I might play a good hole, then follow it with a triple bogey. I normally shoot in the mid-80's, but after midday, I consistently score in the 78 to 82 range. The four par rounds I have shot were all in the afternoon."

Adds Brown, "I've gotten to the point where I negotiate the tee time when I play against my son, Steve. He wants to get out there early. I'm trying to make up reasons why we should start later."

Is Brown onto something here? Probably. Dr. Edmund Burke, a leading exercise scientist, confirms that hormone levels, body temperature, and muscle flexibility are at their peak later in the day. All of those factors should have a positive effect on athletic performance. If you have the option of starting your rounds at different times during the day, compare the scores you post. Check past score cards to see if there is a connection. Let us know how your research turns out. You may be four shots better than you think you are.

If the time of day affects your score or the way your body feels, let us know. Hershel's email is Jim's is

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