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Use Tile Floor To See What Square Looks Like
by Better Golf

A common flaw in the golf swing or putting stroke occurs before the swing is made in that the stance and clubhead are not square to the target line.

It is all a matter of personal perception.

Every player should work out what square looks like to him or her and store the images in visual and muscle memory.

To see what square looks like, use a square-tiled floor that's near a wall. Place and align the clubhead/putter along one of the squares and align your feet using the square pattern.

Look down the target line to see what square actually looks like. Now take a practice putt and feel how your muscles move while extending the putter down the target line.

You may do the same with a short iron, just be careful. You will probably want to use lightweight, plastic practice balls for this drill. Now take a full swing and feel your muscles as you extend down the target line. That is what square feels like.

Finally, while facing a wall but standing on a plain floor, swing/putt and attempt to recreate the previous feeling. On the course, try to recreate that same alignment and feeling.

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