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Power Tip #1 - Grip It Right

Grip it Right! One of the first things to check when trying for more distance is your grip.

The best grip for maximum distance is a 'fingers' grip rather than a 'palms' or 'fisty' grip.

Many short hitters grab the club like a baseball bat, in the palms rather than in the fingers.

A 'fingers' grip allows the club to release through the impact zone.

Swing it Slow!

Contrast that with the swings of many amateurs. The most common tendency is to swing fast and rip at the ball.

Use a 'fingers' grip to help release the club through impact.

Keep a light grip for maximum distance.

Flex the knees for maximum distance. This add lower-body power to the shot. Start the downswing by pushing off the right foot.

Keep a slow, smooth backswing as your primary swing thought when going for distance.

Widen your swing arc by keeping your club low to the ground for the first 18 to 24 inches.

Swing back low and slow!

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